2 thoughts on “Terms of Participation

  1. Olivia Mathis

    I have been retired for eight months and my retirement benefits have still not been finalized. I have called repeatedly to no avail. The only answer I get is that it takes time, there does not appear to be a problem with my account and they will send a note to the appropriate department. Still nothing gets done. It does not take eight months and this is well overdue. It is now 2017 and the phone system continues to be horrendous. It a disgrace that retirees are treated so poorly.

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      We apologize for the trouble you’re having getting through to our Call Center. We’re experiencing a higher than usual call volume.

      To contact us, you can email our customer service representatives using our secure email form (see link below), and one of our representatives can review your account to address your questions. Filling out the secure form allows us to safely contact you about your personal account information. Please allow five to seven business days for a response.



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